The Face of A Greener Generation.

At C&D Disposal, we're committed to being The Face of A Greener Generation. That means making sure your neighborhood is clean and safe when it comes to waste disposal; making it easier for you to recycle and reuse materials; keeping as much out of the landfill as possible; reducing air, water, and soil pollution at every turn; and staying at the forefront of green technology.

It's a commitment we made nearly 50 years ago, long before "green" was in. Since then, we've led the way in leading-edge, environmentally friendly initiatives, such as:

  • Buying back recyclables from the public at our locations and retail buyback centers
  • Three-can curbside recycling programs that revolutionized the ability to easily recycle at home
  • Material recovery technology automatically separates recyclables from trash — COMING SOON!
  • Developing and installing a biofilter to minimize odors from our solid waste recycling plant
  • Converting our trash collecting fleet to clean-burning liquefied natural gas

  • Operating state-of-the-art materials recovery centers that save 1,000 tons of used construction materials from the landfill each day

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