The Do's and Don'ts of Recycling.

Properly sorting recycling materials keeps your costs down and our technology running as efficiently as possible. To help you decide which bin to use, take a look at our list of Do's and Don'ts. You can also contact customer service and request a Waste and Recycling Services Guide.

Recyclable Paper

Do's Don'ts
Corrugated Cardboard Waxed Milk Cartons
Junk Mail Waxed Paper
Magazines No Mixed Products such as combinations
of metal and paper
Phonebooks Soiled Paper
Chipboard (Cereal/Cracker Boxes)  
Computer Paper  
Any White Paper  

Recyclable Plastics

Please remove liquids, lids, and food from all recyclables before placing them in the recycling container.

Do's Dont's
PET: soft drink bottles, photo film canisters Flower/Plant Containers
HDPE: detergent containers, plastic water/milk containers, pails, t-shirt bags No Mixed Products (i.e. plastic/metal combination
PVC: sprinkler pipe  
LDPE: trash can liners, shrink wrap, grocery bags   
PP: yogurt containers, luggage, drinking straws   
PS: plastic plates, cups egg cartons, food trays  
Other: Tupperware and mixed plastic containers  
Plastic Toys  

Recyclable Metal

Do's Dont's
Empty Aerosol Cans Automotive Parts
Metal Coat Hangers Plumbing Parts
Aluminum Cans No Mixed Products such as combinations
of metal and paper
Tin Cans  
Food and Juice Jars  
Empty Paint Cans (dry paint is OK)  
Metal Foil  

Recyclable Glass

Do's Don'ts
Food and Beverage Bottles Ceramic
Glass Jars and Bottles Mirrors
House Windows Fluorescent Tubes
Liquor, Soda and Juice Bottles Light Bulbs
Tempered Glass Safety Glass




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